General Studies-08-04-2017 Model Paper-10

General Studies-08-04-2017 Model Paper-10
  1. First non-white woman Governor in USA---------------------------------- Nikki Randhwa Heli
  2. First woman foreign affairs minister of Pakistan-----------------------------Heena Rabbani Khar
  3. The only woman to climb Mt. Everest twice in the same season--------------------Anshu Jamsenpa
  4. Fastest 150 in cricket world cup------------------------------ AB de Villiers in 64 balls against west indies(2015)
  5. First woman to climb 14 highest peaks in the world-------------------------O Inson (S. Korea)
  6. First cricketer to score highest runs in one day international cricket-------------------------Rohit Sharma-264(in 2014)
  7. First woman to cross Pacific alone in ship -------------------------Rose Savej (Britain)
  8. First woman to climb 14 peaks without oxygen-----------------Gerlinla (Australia)
  9. First double century in one day cricket----------------------------sachin tendulkar
  10. First woman to score a double hundred in test cricket--------------------------- Mithali raj(2004)
  11. First Black President of United States of America-----------------------------Barack Hussain Obama-II
  12. First Chairman of Central Government of People’s Republic of China---------------------------Mao Tse-Tung (1949-76)
  13. First European to Visit China------------------------------Marco Polo(Moracco)
  14. First Governor-General of Pakistan----------------------------Mohammed Ali Jinnah
  15. First man to Climb Mount Everest(via South-East Ridge route)---------------Tenzing Norgay(of India) and Edmund Hillary
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